About Corinne

Corinne Simon is a Los Angeles based jewelry designer, intuitive healer, nature lover, and vegetarian foodie.

She grew up in Ohio painting, sculpting and studied fine art at the School of Visual Art in New York City for a quick bit. When she discovered the lost wax technique after moving to California, she was able to combine her love of sculpting with meaningful accessory design.

Nothing excites Corinne's creative soul more than designing special pieces, such as engagement rings and weddings bands. She started bridal jewelry a few years back when she was thinking about her own engagement ring. A traditional cut, clear, polished diamond ring wasn't her thing. Corinne said "I am not perfect, so why should my ring be?"

So she discovered natural rose cut diamonds that each have their own character, beauty, and flaws, just like we all do. An enduring love for natural diamonds began.